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Comment Neelie
excerpt from: A vision for Europe
[...] Second, open: unleashing the Internet's full potential, the power of this amazing innovative platform. Through public open data, open access to science, and guaranteed access to the open internet. And indeed we are consulting on copyright, to modernise those rules. To make them fit for the new open era, and fit for our single market.
flavio 웃 graf
As you know, Eurostat shares data "for scientific purposes only" or for the privileged few: "your organisation must first be recognised by us as a research entity" The issue is this policy discrepancy between different EU bodies. We have on one hand Neelie Kroes saying that the EU must share public big data and on the other hand, Eurostat (the ones holding a lot of that data) saying, sorry, no, you are not "academic" enough. It looks like bipolar disorder.
flavio 웃 graf, 29/01/2014 09:04