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Comment Neelie
excerpt from: A vision for Europe
[...] Like by ensuring safe trustworthy cloud services; imposing legal obligations to manage cyber risks; having effective systems to prove you are who you say you are online. Better cooperating and combining our strengths. Investing in research and innovation – including for, say, quantum computers and encryption technology. And with a vibrant European market providing the tools you need to stay secure. Ensuring the safeguards that mean people can trust big data and seize online opportunity.
41.3833, 2.15 - Barcelona SPAIN
David Osimo
this sentence is worrying. It should be clarified that "prove who you are online" is not a "good in itself", but is useful only in some cases (e.g. for eGovernment services). In other words, anonymity remains important.
David Osimo, 23/01/2014 10:15
49.6, 6.15 - Luxemburg LUXEMBOURG
Jack Schickler
I think it's just referring to this specific legal proposal - - basically meaning that member states who already have some kind of eID would have to mutually recognise.
Jack Schickler, 23/01/2014 18:02
David Osimo
yes, I think so too, but it could be misinterpreted. I think simply adding "if and when needed" at the end of the sentence would clarify. Granted, it would not sound as nice in a speech
David Osimo, 23/01/2014 23:17