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excerpt from: The app opportunity
[...] First, the amazing scale of the European app economy is big and getting bigger. With 1.8 million jobs, rising to nearly 5 million by 2018. With revenues of 17.5 billion euros, rising to 63 billion. Yet just 5 years ago, it didn't exist at all.
52.5, 13.4167 - Berlin GERMANY
Christian Daems
We agree fully with this statement and numbers, the app market will become more and more important and we already see this in the number job openings and vacancies on our jobboard: The number is increasing everyday as alone only in Belgium we see a high rise in the jobs.
Christian Daems, 14/02/2014 10:40
Marcin Olender
Is there any chance of receiveing the methodology used to compute these numbers? They outlook seems very optimistic but is it simply an extrapolation of the current growth pattern?
Marcin Olender, 14/02/2014 12:54
41.3833, 2.15 - Barcelona SPAIN
David Osimo
have a look at
David Osimo, 14/02/2014 14:32