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[...] The European Commission is already investing in innovation, together with research partners across Europe. And we have tabled a legislative proposal on Network and Information Security that must be finalized in 2014 if we are serious about protecting ourselves.
Andreas Kuegerl
Everbody needs to be involved here, from government to industrie, from business to customers.
Andreas Kuegerl, 10/03/2014 19:24
Chris Conder
Better to give the funding to geeks, get them to teach the kids how to code and how things work. You can research all you like, but unless someone inspires and educates the next generation we're still going to be led by a load of dinosaurs. You can see this happening in the UK, where councillors and politicians still think fibre comes through a phone line. Its time to get real.
Chris Conder, 10/03/2014 19:28