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[...] Instead: let’s act to protect ourselves with more than slogans. Let’s work together with the best and trusted partners in and outside Europe.
Andreas Kuegerl
Do you think that there are still partners outside Europe we can trust ? Even England and Germany - and probably some other countries in europe - did what the US government and the US industries wanted them to do. Even if it was against the european people. So imho it is no longer a problem we can solve here in europe.
Andreas Kuegerl, 10/03/2014 18:46
rorys reivers
No danger from England, the infrastructure isn't good enough. Nations stuck on copper phone lines won't pose much of a threat.
rorys reivers, 10/03/2014 18:54
Chris Conder
Agree with the reivers here! But seriously, working together for a common purpose could work. There has to be something in it for everyone though. No roaming charges are a start, but that won't really happen as long as telcos have to have profits. The best thing that could happen would be ubiquitous, fit for purpose connectivity through fibre. Then there would be no need for mobile companies at all... ;) ah right, so that is why we don't have fibre? either moral or optic.
Chris Conder, 10/03/2014 19:33