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[...] Because investment in ICT capital pays off. In fact, it pays off better than most other forms of capital investment: the "ICT dividend" amounts to an extra return of around 7 per cent. But only when accompanied by investment in intangible capital – that is, investment in people, in skills, in digital literacy.
Carlo Bertelli
That's interesting. What about the content in Digital Agenda? There has been a strong request for infrastructure (have you ever worked with a 1200 b/s modem?), that's the last decade, but today the "ICT dividend" is the counterpart of the "Content dividend". Maybe this could be considered as conservative, but the benefit of stronger infrastructure has still to be exploited.
Carlo Bertelli, 10/10/2011 22:38
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Joost van der Vleuten
When you look at 'what pays off' it is not content as such, but what people do with it: music sharing, communicating, self expressing (blogs), information seeking, trading (selling
Joost van der Vleuten, 24/10/2011 11:03