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[...] Today the debate about information, innovation, and intellectual property can be complex, personal, and heated.
51.5, -0.1167 - London UNITED KINGDOM
Wendy Cockcroft
Stop thinking of intellectual output as property. Problem solved! Instead, we should be thinking of more ways to compensate creators in a market-driven framework. #IPR exempts creators from market forces and that's not fair on the public. And can we PLEASE stop referring to "consuming content." Nothing is consumed. No peristalsis takes place. The content remains as it was after you have experienced it. To suggest that experiencing it changes its value for you as an individual can take the conversation to a vulgar place. Let's not go there.
Wendy Cockcroft, 03/07/2014 21:42
51.9167, 4.48333 - Rotterdam NETHERLANDS
Frank van der Pol
@Wendy Cockcroft: No objections to me using your car tomorrow, saturday, sunday and next wednsday? I will leave it as it was when I took it and will pay for the gas of course. Nothing is consumed. No peristalsis takes place. So I assume no financial compensation is needed, I guess?
Frank van der Pol, 13/08/2014 09:46