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[...] Every day, people bypass the copyright system using alternatives like open source: something which can lead to huge creativity, innovation, and richness.
Nuno Brito
This gives the impression that open source is not good or it is against copyright. On the contrary, open source brings transparency to copyright. It is not easy to produce open source and get away. In closed-source, you don't get this level of transparency and software reuse.
Nuno Brito, 03/07/2014 20:09
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Wendy Cockcroft
Open source is essential to the growth of our economy. People who use OS often have better experiences with it than with clunky, DRM-ridden proprietary software.
Wendy Cockcroft, 03/07/2014 21:53
Gérard Vidal
OpenSource objects take an increasing share of the digital shelves. @creativecommons licences provide a powerfull way to describe the rights and the way these objects can be shared and disseminated. Opensource and open licences must be fully integrated in a renewed rights management landscape to enable new economic models to emerge. Recent ransparent standards like @epub3 for digital publishing rely on W3C opened standards and are not implemented by some european publishing companies just because they do not enable the old fashioned DRM procedures !! Let us OpenUp education and creation.
Gérard Vidal, 04/07/2014 16:45