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Basil Venitis
GRAECOCYBERCENSORSHIP Netherlands leads the way to net-neutrality, whereas Greece lags far behind. Netherlands versus Neanderthals! Whenever the internet encounters a bottleneck, such as the freakish government of Greece, it just goes around it, bypassing cybercensorship, stupid regulation, VAT, cancer of socialism, and sadomasochism! A major benefit of net neutrality is that it allows society to blow off steam. Broadcasting of ideas releases pressures which otherwise might become destructive. Free speech also allows the government to gather information about public concerns. Keynote Speaker Basil Venitis,, FREAKISH GREEK BLOGBUSTERS Most Greeks oppose cybercensorship. Giving cybercensorship to Greek blogbusters is giving gin to alcoholics! Blogbusters galore! Freak! Freak! Freak! The freakish government of Greece, the most corrupt country in Europe, steals computers! Robbing dissident bloggers and locking them in jail is a freakish behavior that does not belong to the European Union, not even to this galaxy! No wonder some vain Greeks boast they come from Andromeda galaxy! The fight against Greek cybercensorship is more essential than ever. By creating blogs for exchanging ideas and information, internet is a force for freedom. In Greece, where the mainstream media are controlled by Graecokleptocrats, the only independent news and information are to be found on the internet, which has become a forum for discussion and a refuge for those who want to express their views freely. However, more and more Graecokleptocrats have realized this and persecute dissident bloggers. Greece has been affected by cybercensorship, whether arrests or harassment of dissident bloggers, online surveillance, website blocking, or the adoption of repressive internet laws. Greek dissident bloggers are being targeted by Graecokleptocrat reprisals. Free speech, media, and information flows increasingly ignore and elude physical frontiers or national boundaries. Graecokleptocrats fearful of this lack of control, are trying hard to restore or fortify barriers to trace, block, target, and censor those who champion the truth. A healthy constitution should protect speech even when the subject or manner of expression is uncomfortable and challenges conventional religious beliefs, political attitudes, or standards of good taste. Unfortunately, the constitution of Greece corresponds to Third World countries. ENEMIES OF BLOGOSPHERE Civil society must persuade the freakish blogbusters to stop persecuting and robbing dissident bloggers. The enemies of blogosphere are Bahrain, Belarus, Burma, China, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. STREISAND EFFECT Persecuting dissident bloggers often results in their blogs being publicized more widely. The Streisand Effect is a strong argument for the old adage that the best response to bad speech is more speech, not censorship. The Streisand Effect is a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has the perverse effect of publicizing the information more widely. It is named after Barbra Streisand, whose attempt to suppress photos of her residence generated further publicity. STANDING UP FOR GREEK FREEDOM ONLINE Standing up for Greek freedom online is the logical next step to Greek age-old endeavor for freedom of speech. For centuries, this fundamental freedom has been the driver of democracy. The fight for freedom of speech continues in Greece. But in the last decades, it has taken on an extra dimension, that of freedom online. Greek freedom of speech online is no different from freedom of speech offline. Only now, Greeks are faced with new technological possibilities and challenges. Greeks are still doing the same, only with different means, and much faster. Protecting Greek freedom online is to safeguard its democratic potential. It is time for Greek politicians, companies, information experts, the academic community and Greek civil society at large to join efforts. NET-NEUTRALITY Net-neutrality means the internet has no gatekeeper. It encompasses all the issues related to the circulation of information on the internet, such as free speech, access to knowledge, copyright, or innovation. Thanks to this principle, everyone retain the freedom to access and produce the information they want. Socialists want prioritization of certain information flows by taking control of the network. Kleptocrats threaten net-neutrality by seeking to implement filtering techniques in order to re-establish the kind of control they used to have on traditional media. The persecution of Greek dissident bloggers is a worrying example of how freedom on the net is under increasing threat. As more Greeks use cyberspace to communicate, obtain information, express their views, socialize, and conduct commerce, Graecokleptocrats are stepping up their efforts to regulate and control it. Tight control on the internet impinges on Greek freedom of speech, association, and assembly. And it means that violations of other human rights are kept in the dark shadows of Athens. Greeks are increasingly turning to the internet to conduct important aspects of their lives, and they have to make sure that human rights are as respected online as offline. After all, the right to express one's views, practice one's faith, peacefully assemble with others to pursue political or social change are rights to which all Greeks are entitled, whether they choose to exercise them on Syntagma Square or on a blog. And just as Greeks have worked together since the last century to secure these rights in Greece, they must work together in this century to secure them in cyberspace. Your government is your #1 enemy. Brutal police and kangaroo courts are tools to enslave you to your government. But badges and benches do not grant extra rights. It’s your duty as a citizen to become a popopaparazzo, recording police misconduct. Use your smartphone to unmask cops, kangaroos, marilizards, godzillas, and other bastards of kleptocracy.
Basil Venitis, 03/09/2014 05:25