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Global conference delivers momentum for reform of how internet is run

, 25 April 2014

STATEMENT/14/138 (see the source)

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European Commissionrn -rn STATEMENT/14/138rn  rn 25/04/2014sentence permalink


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European Commission


Brussels, 25 April 2014

Global conference delivers momentum for reform of how internet is runsentence permalink


On behalf of the European Commission, Vice-President Neelie Kroes welcomes the outcome of the NETmundial conference on Internet Governance in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Speaking on her return, Neelie Kroes said: "Netmundial has put us on the right track. The concluding declaration adopted by acclamation proves that a global multistakeholder approach can produce concrete outcomes.sentence permalink


I will continue to push all parties in the coming months, based on the Sao Paulo Multistakeholder Declaration, to deliver on the concrete actions identified. We now have a clear set of issues that must be addressed to strengthen and refine models for internet governance.sentence permalink


All stakeholders have important contributions to make to the future of the internet."sentence permalink


Vice-President Kroes also warmly congratulated the Government of Brazil, and especially President Dilma Rousseff for their successful initiative, as well as those who worked hard for this success: the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (CGI) and the One-Net Initiative; the Chairs, Co-Chairs, committees and all those who have contributed their time and energy to the success of NETmundial.sentence permalink


The outcome document of NETmundial is an important step for internet governance reform. It sets out a clear set of principles to be worked on and refined as the basis for Internet Governance. They must underpin human rights and ensure transparent and accountable structures that are globalised to ensure all communities are included. The Declaration also sets out a roadmap of actions that need further development through 2014-2015 which is a particularly welcome outcome from this conference from the perspective of the European Commission.sentence permalink


European stakeholders will spend the coming months elaborating recommendations, commitments and proposals that will contribute to concrete reforms of how the internet is run.sentence permalink


Vice-President Kroes concluded: "These two days have been a learning experience for all who are committed to globalising internet governance. Global multi-stakeholder discussions are not easy but they are important for fostering the open internet.sentence permalink


The internet is now a global resource demanding global governance. We congratulate all parties who contributed to that objective."sentence permalink


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